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Everyone has their favorite local spot. Whether it is a restaurant, clothing store, or coffee shop. Well, coffee shops are always on my radar so one of my favorite places in my hometown of Lafayette, Louisiana is “The Coffee Lab”, now known as “Reve Coffee Lab.” It will always be “The Lab” to me. I clocked so many hours with my laptop and tote in tow when I still lived in Lafayette, so the staff back then recognized me; especially when I go with family members on the special Saturday Morning Cartoons.

Reve Coffee Lab – Lafayette

Today I took off of work to take care of a family matter back home. I’ve been up since 3:30 am which is far from the norm for me. Around 7:00 am, I needed a little liquid courage to get me through the rest of the morning. Off to The Lab, I went. I walked in with my face mask and cell phone ready. As with any coffee shop or cafe, the is often changing. I was met with some new faces but still offered the same friendly service. The pastry case was loaded. I was hit with the black & blue danish, pulled pork, egg and cheese biscuit, the sausage and cheese kolache, and many other temptations. I settled on the sausage and cheese kolache, heated up, of course. It was delicious as expected.

The Pastry Case

For my drink, I had a little chat with the barista about seasonal specials. The syrups were staring me right in the face on one of the side wooden posts on a menu. Let’s just say my focus was not there as I was sleep-deprived and probably just wanted a little conversation in my fav space on a beautiful day. The seasonal flavor was hazelnut and honestly, I looked it over because The Lab often has specialty drinks and cocktails with fancy names. One of those fancy mixes I noticed on the specialty menu was the “Cereal Killer.” The ingredients looked great. The fact that it is topped with Honey Nut Cheerios may not be ideal for all, but I’m sure you can get it “sans” Cheerios. LOL.

Caramel & White Chocolate Latte

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