Summertime is upon us and people are stepping out, even more, when it comes to going out and traveling. Getting out of the house often involves grabbing a quick bite to eat and drink, and what’s better in the summer than an ice-cold smoothie? That’s what I grabbed this week after being notified of a sweet $1 smoothie deal. I normally go for the sweeter the better, but I opted for the lighter, not so sweet, detox island green this time.

We know that detoxing is a method used to rid the body of unwanted substances, like toxins. Detoxifying the body is used in rehabilitation treatments for substance abuse, but it is also a way to cleanse the body in general. As humans, especially in America, we tend to overindulge, leading to health issues over time. Our bodies could use a good cleanse or reset from time to time, but what about our minds?

Our focus usually goes to the outer appearance when we think of what is considered healthy, but our mind plays an important role in not only how we function, but how we look. Over the years, a lot of waste can accumulate in our minds that can weigh us down. The stress and fear that we take on from others or that we generate on our own can be a culprit. Being in toxic environments or around toxic people plays a key role in this cycle of negativity. Each component gets added to this toxic dish that we continue to indulge in until we reach the point where a mental detox is needed.

Whatever space you need to be in, whether it’s around your loved ones like family and friends, or alone in your personal space with the things that you bring you peace and joy, do it. I am not a medical doctor, psychologist, or therapist. I just want to propose a challenge to train our minds to be more positive. How could 15 minutes of positive thinking change your day? What if you partook in that toxic thought, could you allow yourself to let it pass through your body like we do other substances, and release it never to be believed again?

Attempting to renew the mind seems strange because we are so addicted to junk, but with any new activity that we want to master comes practice, and lots of it. The practice of renewing the mind won’t exert us physically like a workout or sport, but it can exercise the brain. A nice and toned physique is definitely ideal, but so is a good strong mind. A healthy and clear head can help us climb through this tangled web of life.  Finally, I challenge you to detox your thoughts and escape life’s traps with clarity and strength that is sure to provide you with a beautiful life.


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  1. Beautifully put. I never realized that the mine also needs to be cleansed. 15 minutes daily could sure do a lot of good especially if you haven’t done it before. Change is good. Thank you for that.

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