A Change of Scenery

We’re pretty much in the second year of the COVID-19 pandemic and I often find myself tucked away inside my apartment for long periods at a time.  Don’t get me wrong, but I am truly enjoying working remotely.  My kitchen didn’t know me like this before.  LOL.  I have tried and enjoyed new recipes and baked some delicious treats from scratch!  There are still moments when I need to get out in the fresh air and “change my scenery.  My go-to is usually a coffee shop. 

To say that I’m a coffee shop girl is an understatement.  When I travel, whether in-state or out, I like to find local unique coffee shops.  I have my loyal stops and favorites, but recently I walked into a new place when I made a quick run to New Orleans.  Drink Beauty is just that, a stop for all beauties.  I loved the checkerboard floor and the large neon lips on the wall behind the counter.  The atmosphere was bright and so pretty; definitely a place I will visit again.  Now, by the time I got there, I already had my espresso-fix, so I tried one of their teas, “The Blushing” and it did not disappoint.

As I took a little stroll down Magazine Street, checking out another coffee shop for next time, of course, I noticed one of the Little Free Library stands.  I love the idea of a community coming together to encourage reading and sharing books in a cool concept!

Next time you want to step out and clear your mind, try a local coffee or tea shop or take a nice stroll on a nice and sunny day.  You deserve it!

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