Thank God! It’s a new year! Ringing in the midnight hour on January 1 for the past two years has been a little different for many. Whether you celebrated under an umbrella of fireworks, glammed up for a gala, or stayed tucked away in the comforts of your home, hopes of the new and a spirit for change still remained.

The beginning of the year is a time for resolutions. People reevaluate their lifestyle when it comes to their physical and mental well being, career moves, and business ventures. For some, self-promises of change don’t extend beyond the first month of the year, whereas it’s a life-long change for others. We tend to focus on the results we want to see, whether it’s a personal or business goal, and don’t factor in the level of dedication and commitment that is needed. Any step we take towards a more positive and healthy lifestyle should be seen as a win-win.

The joy of a new year is exciting, but fear of the unknown or not meeting your own expectations can be scary. Despite what your aspirations may be, don’t sell your talents and dreams short. Dream Hard. Dream Big. You have nothing to lose. Working on yourself, a new project or business is a learning process, so whether your miracle happens within the next 12 months or not, you will have grown as an individual.  Isn’t this the ultimate miracle?

Our time and God’s time are not the same and with good reason. Blessings are bestowed upon us over our lifespan at ordained moments. The good and the bad that we experience throughout our life molds and shapes us into who we need to be to fulfill our dreams and make it to our end game. Prepare thyself. Be ready and stay ready, spiritually, mentally, and physically!

Stay Motivated and Have a Blessed 2022!

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